One STOP Silchar , a web portal to make your search better, smoother & simpler. OSS is a online directory in local business and listing of suppliers, manufactures of products and service listings.


Furnishes users & product sellers/service providers with an improved & expansible technology platform Connects different business, be it renowned or little known to a brand.

  • Empowers every person in silchar to independently connect with buyers & sellers.
  • Currently focuses on territorial nexus within silchar region which is likely to expand all over north east in near future.

HOW IS OneSTOPSilchar Benificial

To The User

Here in OSS, we provide you with answers to your questions like:-

  • Where to call for getting your refrigerator repaired.
  • Where to get best South Indian snacks/Dishes in Silchar.
  • Whom to call if your bathroom flush overflows.

In other word, we provide numerous options of solutions to your single problem. And thus, we make your task quite simpler and easier. All you need to do is go through our listing of service provider or product seller, under the respective category you seek to be served and make a choice in accordance with your convenience.

To the Product seller/service provider

We provide our assistance as a lead generating website to those who run local business in Silchar.

If you run business in Silchar and want to promote it further, all you need to do is get registered and become a member of OneStopSilchar. Once you do this much ,we will update your information in our site which is having categorized listing (based on membership scheme option). Our site lets the customer know about your business and contact details. Moreover, it enables you to connect directly to the consumer who makes a query about services or product you deal with.

Thus with the assistance of One STOP Silchar , you can easily generate leads for your business.